syl_intro - Stellar Structure: Hydrostatic Equilibrium...

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INTRODUCTION TO ASTROPHYSICS Prof. Amiel Sternberg Teaching Assistant: Ms. Smadar Naoz This course is an introduction to astrophyiscs for 3rd year undergraduate Physics students. Textbooks: Basic Astrophysics by Dan Maoz The Physical Universe: Introduction to Astronomy by Frank Shu Principles of Cosmology and Gravitation by Michael Berry Course Requirements: Weekly problem sets will be distributed. There will be a written examination following the end of the semester. SYLLABUS Basic Observations of Stars: Stellar Distances Spectral Classi±cation Hertzprung-Russell Diagram
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Unformatted text preview: Stellar Structure: Hydrostatic Equilibrium Energy Transport Nuclear Energy Generation Scaling Relations Stellar Evolution & Compact Objects: Red Giants White Dwarfs Supernovae & Neutron Stars Pulsars & Supernova Remnants Black Holes Interstellar Medium: DiFuse & Dense Clouds HII Regions, Emission Lines Cloud Collapse & Star ±ormation Galaxies: Milky Way Galaxy Types & Stellar Populations Active Galaxies, Quasars Galaxy Clusters Cosmology: Hubble Expansion Cosmological Principles Redshift ±riedmann Equations Dark Matter & Dark Energy Early Universe: Cosmic Background Radiation Big Bang Nucleosynthesis ±luctuations In²ation...
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syl_intro - Stellar Structure: Hydrostatic Equilibrium...

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