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11/1/11 1 ENDANGERED LANGUAGES Language facts • More than 7000 languages are spoken on Earth • More than 500 languages may be spoken by fewer than 10 people • Nearly 80% of the world s population speaks only one percent of its languages. • Many languages have no written forms • By 2100, more than half of the world s languages will disappear • Every 14 days a language dies Why is it important? • Language defines culture • Many words for cultural ideas and practices don t directly translate into another language • Many endangered languages are cultures with rich oral traditions with stories, songs, and histories passed down through cultural transmission with NO written records
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11/1/11 2 Why is it important? cont • Indigenous groups have significant knowledge about the natural world (land, plants, animals, ecosystems) • Studying a variety of languages gives us insight into the human brain and how we communicate and store linguistic knowledge. What is lost
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Endangered_Languages - 11/1/11 ENDANGERED LANGUAGES...

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