Experiment 6 - Interferometer

Experiment 6 - Interferometer - Interferometer Experiment#6...

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Interferometer Experiment #6 Jae Chung 11/12/2007
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Introduction: In this lab we measured the wavelength of a laser using two different setups. One setup utilized the Michelson interferometer while the other utilized the Fabry-Perot interferometer. With the Fabry-Perot method we obtained a wavelength of 663 ± 28.69nm. With the Michelson method we measured a wavelength of 617 ± 11.60nm. Procedure: First, we turned on the laser and aligned it in place with the interferometer. Then we installed the movable mirror and adjusted the height of the laser till the beam went through the center of the mirror. With a piece of paper we ensured the beam was parallel to the base by comparing the height of the beam on both ends of the base. Finally we adjusted the laser until the laser reflected back into its aperture. In the Fabry-Perot mode, we installed the adjustable mirror in front of the movable mirror and placed a component holder between the two. Then we placed another component holder with a viewing screen behind the movable mirror. Next, we moved the adjustable mirror until there was a single dot on the screen, and then we placed an 18mm FL lens in front of the laser on the component holder. We observed an interference pattern on the viewing screen as we adjusted the position of the lens. First we turned the micrometer knob to 550 microns
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Experiment 6 - Interferometer - Interferometer Experiment#6...

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