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diversity of life exam 1 topics

diversity of life exam 1 topics - 1 Summary Biodiversity is...

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1 Summary Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms at all levels of organization. Levels of biodiversity Genetic, species, ecosystem Description of diversity in space Alpha (a), beta (b), and gamma (g) We still do not know Earth’s biodiversity – lots of work at all levels 2 Summary Biodiversity is important for both anthropocentric (bio‐ resources, ecosystem services, aesthetics) and intrinsic (ethics) reasons Ecosystem services – biological functions that benefit humans Supporting, provisioning, regulating, cultural Extinctions are occurring at a rate faster than ever before in history... how do we study diversity if it is already gone? Causes of extinctions include Human caused Stochastic factors (demographic, genetic, environmental, and catastrophic) Conservation genetics is where we use genetic theory and application in conservation of species – conserve their ability to deal with change 3 Summary
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