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PHYS 3320 Week 6 Tutorial – Energy and the art of sketching wave functions Goals this week : 1. Developing intuition about the curvature and general behaviours of wave functions for bound states. (LG: Math/phys connection, sketching, checking) 2. Classical limit of wave functions (large n) allows physical interpretation of wavelength and amplitude. (LG: Math/phys connection, sketching, checking) 3. Use of symmetry, and node counting, to assist in sketches in double well situations (LG: symmetry) Tutorial Summary : Students sketch bound states in progressively more interesting and unfamiliar situations . We develop the idea that increasing energy increases # of nodes, that KE corresponds to "curvature" (and what curvature looks like on sketches), we emphasize boundary conditions and continuity. We examine the impact of boundary conditions on energy eigenvalues. We use the double well to build on these ideas, adding the element of symmetry and antisymmetry, and paving the way for understanding issues of energy degeneracy. Reflection after administering the tutorial Specific comments and difficulties observed: Page 1: Some students wanted to work out the formulas from scratch (since in class our well ran from 0 to L), but considering the time for this Tutorial, I pushed them, in this
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Energy_and_Sketching_Wave_Functions_Manual - PHYS 3320 Week...

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