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Load - • Tar& Gravel(Load taken...

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Load Dead Load Concrete Weight: (Density taken from…) (Im not so sure about this one, Lam calculated it but it actually equals 312.5 lbs, not 3750 lbs) Side Beam: (Density taken from…) Wall: (Density taken from…) Tiles: (Load taken from…) Mechanical Duct: (Load taken from…) Plaster on Tile on Concrete: (Load taken from…) Parapet: (Density taken from… Height of parapet taken from OSHA 705.11.1)
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Unformatted text preview: • Tar & Gravel:(Load taken from (engineeringtoolbox.com) need to find a better source Live Load • Retail o First Floor (Taken from IBC 2006 table 1607.1)= 100 o Upper Floor Taken from IBC 2006 table 1607.1)= 75 • Light Storage (Taken from IBC 2006 table 1607.1)= 125 Rain Load ASCE 7-05 Case II Area of Roof: (35x60) + (35x15) = 2625 ft 2 Drainage Area: Roof pitch: i (Taken from San Jose Code)= (From Table C8-1) Channel Scupper=6” wide...
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