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3220 HW#1 Due start of second class (yikes, that's fast!) Wed Aug 27 1 On all homeworks this term, please show your work and explain your reasoning. We try to grade for clarity of explanation as much as we do for mere "correctness of final answer"! This first homework is meant to be a review of math (and a little physics). Feel free to use any notes or texts, or talk to other students, or come to our homework sessions (Tuesday 3-5 this week). In the end, all your work should be your own. To help us better understand where everyone is starting - On every question this week , please put a number in a circle at the end of each question: (i) - I knew this material, it was fairly trivial for me. (ii) - I knew this material, and didn't need to look up anything or get help, but it was not what I would call "trivial" for me. (iii) - I knew this material, but still needed to look something up in a book/notes/web. (iv) -
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