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Lecture Notes for PHYS 3220 Quantum Mechanics lecture notes, made available to the students. Notes are by Steven Pollock (SJP) or Michael Dubson (MD). There are older versions (of scanned, handwritten) notes in a subfolder There are probably many typos, please compile an "erratum" list and send it to me so I can fix these up! [email protected] Chapter 1 Notes (DOC)
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Unformatted text preview: (SJP) Chapter 1 Notes (PDF)—Part 1 (SJP) Chapter 1 Notes (PDF)—Part 2 (SJP) Chapter 2 Notes (DOC) (SJP) Chapter 2 Notes (PDF) (SJP) Chapter 3 Notes (DOC) (MD) Chapter 3 Notes (PDF) (MD) Chapter 3 Notes (DOC) (SJP) Chapter 3 Notes (PDF) (SJP) Chapter 4 Notes (DOC) (SJP) Chapter 4 Notes (PDF) (SJP) Weekly Class Notes (SJP) Back to Introduction...
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