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Concept tests, organized by Griffiths Chapter numbers. The concept test collections in this folder were largely constructed by Michael Dubson in Spring 2008, and then modified and added to by Steven Pollock and Oliver DeWolfe in Fall 2008, with some technical assistance from Steve Goldhaber. A few were taken from other sources, we tried to acknowledge this in the "notes" on the PowerPoint® pages. Some comments in the notes section of each slide will inform you about what happened in our class when they were used. Feedback, your own results, and your own additions would be most welcome! Please email me at
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] Please note that while we have tried to make these files as portable as possible, inconsistencies between versions of PowerPoint and between platforms will cause some slides to not appear correctly. The most common problem is a formula which looks scrambled. One common fix is simply to open the formla in the equation editor, save it, and close the editor. Please contact Steve Goldhaber if you have major problems using any of these files. Concept Tests Chapter 1 Concept Tests Chapter 2 Concept Tests Chapter 3 Concept Tests Chapter 4 Fall 2009 Concept Tests Back to Introduction...
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