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Quantum I Homework Assignments The “ Homework assignments ” folder has homework sets built by Mike Dubson, Steve Pollock, and Oliver DeWolfe. Some of them are basically Griffiths' problems, slightly disguised, or tweaked. I tried to add elements of explanation, sense-making, estimation or approximation, real-world connections, multiple-representations. Some problems come from other texts, or from other faculty at CU. We have not done a very good job of acknowledging "sources" here, my apologies. Oliver DeWolfe wrote problem sets in LaTeX, both LaTeX and PDF versions are available here. The “ Homework Observations” folder contains detailed instructor notes from
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Unformatted text preview: homework help sessions. The Homework Solutions are only available by writing to us directly and asking for complete course materials. This is to hide these materials from students. If you wrote to us and have the complete download, then these are in folder 10 “solutions” As always, if you want to make contributions or improvements, let me know [email protected] Notes: Griffiths' solution manuals are easily available on the web, which was one reason for at least changing the problems enough to make a little more challenging for students to simply "look up" the answer. Back to Introduction...
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