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A few words about running Tutorials The room setup has several small tables, with four chairs each. Each group was given four markers, and a big white board that covered the whole table. This allows students to easily communicate their ideas to each other and to the Learning Assistant (LA). It also helps the LA communicate with the students more effectively. Students are advised that it should take approximately an hour to complete the tutorial. They are also advised that this is completely voluntary, so they will not be required to turn in the tutorial. However, they are advised that it would be in their interest to fill
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Unformatted text preview: things out as completely as possible, since many of the topics would also be covered on the homework. The group members are encouraged to work together, and the LA wanders from group to group to see if there are any misconceptions, or if anyone is completely lost/stuck. In the words of Steve Pollock, We will try our hardest not to give you any of the answers, but we will also try our hardest to make sure you figure everything out for yourself....
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