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Concept tests, organized by Taylor chapter number The concept test collections in this folder were largely constructed by Meredith Betterton, Mike Dubson, Alysia Marino, and Steven Pollock, with some assistance from Rachel Pepper. A few were taken from other sources, we tried to acknowledge this in the "notes" on the powerpoint pages. Some comments in the notes section of each slide will inform you about what happened in our class when they were used. Feedback, your own results, and your own additions would be most welcome! Please email me at Steven.Pollock@colorado.edu Are you having trouble with the formatting in our clicker question files? Sometimes your “slide master” may have different settings than the “master” when the slides were
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Unformatted text preview: created, which causes formatting difficulties (like questions that are too small to read, or answers that spill off the page). The file 000_slide-master.pot will fix that. 1. In your Powerpoint with the clicker questions, choose Format and then Slide Design. 2. Navigate to this file (000_slide-master.pot) and select it. 3. All the original styles should be applied to all slides, and they should be formatted correctly. 4. If you want to change the default formatting of the slides, change the slide master of this file, and follow steps 1-3....
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