Elementary Principles 495 - 11.29 (cont'd) c. 2 CC CA, CB,...

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11- 24 c. The plot of C A vs. t begins at (t=0, C A =1). When t=0, the slope (=dC A /dt) is − ×=− 01 1 01 .. . As t increases, C A decreases dC A /dt=-0.1C A becomes less negative, approaches zero as t →∞ . C A 0 as t →∞ . The curve is therefore concave up. The plot of C B vs. t begins at (t=0, C B =0). When t=0, the slope (=dC B /dt) is 02 1 0 02 .( ) . −= . As t increases, C B increases, C A decreases ( C B 2 < C A ) dC B /dt =0.2(C A - C B 2 ) becomes less positive until dC B /dt changes to negative ( C B 2 > C A ). Then C B decreases with increasing t as well as C A . Finally dC B /dt approaches zero as t →∞ . Therefore, C B increases first until it reaches a maximum value, then it decreases. C B 0 as t →∞
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