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21 10.13 The second reaction consumes six times more oxygen per mole of ethylene consumed. The lower the single pass ethylene oxide yield, the more oxygen is consumed in the second reaction. At a certain yield for a specified ethylene conversion, all the oxygen in the feed is consumed. A yield lower than this value would be physically impossible. 37.5 mol C2H4O a. Separator 50 mol C2H4 208.3333 mol C2H4 166.6667 mol C2H4 8.333333 mol C2H4 50 mol O2 50 mol O2 18.75 mol O2 18.75 mol O2
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Unformatted text preview: 37.5 mol C2H4O 8.333333 mol CO2 8.333333 mol CO2 8.333333 mol H2O Reactor 8.333333 mol H2O Xsp = 0.2 Ysp = 0.9 158.3333 mol C2H4 (Ra) 158.3333 mol C2H4 (Rc) Rc-Ra = Procedure : Assume Ra, perform balances on mixing point, then reactor, then separator. Rc is recalculated recycle rate. Use goalseek to find the value of Ra that drives (Rc-Ra) to zero. b. Xsp Ysp Yo no 0.2 0.72 0.6 158.33 0.2 1 0.833 158.33 0.3 0.75333 0.674 99.25 0.3 1 0.896 99.25 10-21...
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