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9- 26 9.24 a. A + B C (1) 2C D + B (2) Basis: 1 mol xn n n T AO A BO B IO C D I (mol A / mol) (mol A) (mol B / mol) (mol B) (mol I / mol) (mol C) (mol D) (mol I) ( C) D Fractional conversion : f x nx f A AO A AO AA O A == ⇒= mol A consumed mol A feed () 1 C generated: (mol A fed) (mol A consumed) (mol C generated) mol A fed mol A consumed n xf Y f Y C CA O A C 0 0 = D generated: = 0.5 mol C consumed = (1 2) (mol A consumed mol C out) 2 n f n D DA O A C × × ( ) 1 Balance on B: mol B out = mol B in mol B consumed in (1) + mol B generated in (2) = mol B in mol A consumed in (1) + mol D generated in (2) + x fn BB OA O AD Balance on I: mol I out = mol I in = II O Species Formula DHf a b c d A C2H4(v) 52.28 0.04075 1.15E-04 -6.89E-08 1.77E-11 B H2O(v) -241.83 0.03346
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