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Unformatted text preview: 9- 2d. e. Heat Output = 1.53105kW. The reactor pressure is low enough to have a negligible effect on enthalpy. C HgO g)9CO (g) +10H O(l) (1)kJ / molC HlO g)9CO (g) +10H O(l) (2)kJ / mol(2)C HlC HgC HC)kJ / molkJ / mol) = 47 kJ / mol9222ro9222ro99vo9202020202014617114612412561246171( )(( )(( )( )( )(,(+= += = HHHDYes. Pure n-nonane can only exist as vapor at 1 atm above 150.6C, but in a mixture of gases, it can exist as a vapor at lower temperatures. 9.3 9.4 a. b. c. a. b. Exothermic. The reactor will have to be cooled to keep the temperature constant. The temperature would increase under adiabatic conditions. The energy required to break the reactant bonds is less than the energy released when the product bonds are formed. C HgO gCO gH O gC HlO gCO gH O lBtu lb - mole6142ro6142rob gb gb gb gb gb gb gb gb gb g++=++==19267119267217911222226?...
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