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2008-04-8_notes from Tommy - Christology XTIANTHE 200...

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4/4/08 - Jesus as the eschaton of Israel, the healing of Israel - Sign that points to the healing of Israel, and in the Messiah of Israel, the healing of the nations - Theological exegesis of Mk. 5 - Self-assertion/preservation of nations like demon possession overcome; Israel delivered from the idolatrous fiction of sustenance in themselves so as to be like God - Apart from this healing, we exist in a state of sickness unto death - Move from Israel's periphery (Gadarenes – where it touches the nations, where it is possesses of devil, where Israel exists as dead and in death, their covenant unfaithfulness), Israel in tombs as the nations, but w/ Israel there is a difference, the One on the other side of the covenant, upholding creation itself, walks into the tombs and brings life…from periphery to the center of Israel's life – Jairus, archisynagogos, and there too is sickness unto death at the priestly center, in the daughter of Zion - There is also sickness on the journey itself, when Jesus is confronted by bleeding woman (12 years), during which confrontation, Jairus' daughter has died, the rupture of communion b/w YHWH and YHWH's people, Israel's refusal of YHWH as the center-limit of their life, their life - Prior to healing there is worship, which is also confession - Jesus brings broken Israel into communion so that Israel abides in him, the display of authentic creaturely existence, Jesus as yes to YHWH, the man who is for God, who abides in YHWH, life itself - Healing is being brought into communion w/ flesh of Jesus, his divine humanity, made christ, divinized, in and for world by virtue of Spirit, as bleeding woman said - Jesus is archemidian point of God-humanity; Jesus entrypoint - Jesus is the healed reality, healed creation, healed human existence; what is received by others from Christ as the soteriological work is in his flesh identical with his Christological person; in his flesh healing is not secondary to his person; it is who he is, his identity - Healing acts of Christ as soteriological works are perhaps better understood as extensions of his person; these acts are the drawing of the entirety of broken creation into the horizon of his being - Moreover, for Mark 5, we see that the soteriological work of extension/extending – Jesus' Christological person – of bringing world into the form/life/reality that he is, it does not circumvent the wounds of death, suffering, agony, grief; does not prescind from the valley of the shadow of death; rather such grief, pain, death are the point of entry into his person. Herein lay the significance of Thomas the apostle – unless I shall see in his hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails and thrust my hand into his side. Jesus in response, "Reach here your finger and behold my hands; reach hither and put hand in my side," following which Thomas confesses by the recently-given Spirit – My Lord, and my God (YHWH). -
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This note was uploaded on 02/27/2012 for the course XTIAN- 200 taught by Professor J.kameron carter during the Spring '08 term at Duke.

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2008-04-8_notes from Tommy - Christology XTIANTHE 200...

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