2008-04-011 - Christology Dr Carter The drama Healing...

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Unformatted text preview: Christology Dr. Carter April 11, 2008 The drama Healing Forgiveness Justification Judgement of Forgiveness Justice of Forgiveness Liberation Sanctification/Holiness Justice says “Destroy the no!” God is on both sides of the covenant. He is rejecting the “no” . God says “no” to the “no”. He must destroy their “no” . He must destroy their refusal of life. Now, the utter destruction of this, entails the destruction of that in which evil realizes itself: The human being. Live into the tension. The human being can not go up to the God and say that they are More than the one who judges. It is for their life. The one that is for their life calls for their destruction, for the destruction of evil. The creation has no wherewithal to rise up to the creator and say, “Be more than judgment, be more than justice, be more than righteous, be more than right.” For in judging, God is being right. That’s what we want: the cessation, the obliteration of evil. So, the destruction of sin is right, and it is just this reality that Israel bears and is. And not only Israel, but the one who is the son of God, the Israel of God, Jesus Christ. As this one, Jesus bears this reality upon himself, in carrying forward the covenant. Jesus is the one who must look inot the heart of the righteous God, and in lookin gin to the heart of the righteous God, and see the righteousness of God, the rightness of God, the judgment o fGod. He looks into it, and holds on to it. He not only stares into it, he is yoked to this identity. Page 1 of 5 He must drink it to the full without the assurance that there is something on the other side of the obedience. He is Abraham. Jesus usually gets linked to Isaac. We need to see Jesus as Abraham. Like Abraham, he journeys into the obedience of the creator with no assurance that there’s something on the otherside of the obedience. And in being Abraham, he is Isaac. Jesus is Isaac, the one to be offered in obedience. He is the one who in his obedience gives himself up. He also has no assurance that there’s anything on the other side of him being offered up....
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2008-04-011 - Christology Dr Carter The drama Healing...

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