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Warren Smith Church History 13 Monday, August 25, 2008 Explanation of the course Write a 100-word thesis summary to each reading prompt given for each week. Read a text once to get the lay of the land. Second reading is the one in which we ask questions, note details. The writing prompts tip us off to key ideas that he wants us to look at. Details that we should be paying attention to when we come upon them. The writing exercises are meant to force us to slow down and think about what we’re reading. Engage with what we’re reading. The texts are strange (Dean Sue: the faculty are strange) Ignatius of Antioch…. . a very different approach to Christianity than we might have ever encountered. JND Kelly’s: History of Christian Doctrine: recommended for those with background. A dense book. Placher: an overview for those without background – to reinforce what Warren says in class. Philosophy for the background for theology. Anselm’s is optional For the next three weeks, 3 questions. The question of Christian identity. And not who they are in relationship to some other alien being, but: 1. What is the relationship between the church and Israel? 2. What is the relationship between the church and the Gentile, non-Christian world. This is my blood of the NEW covenant that is poured out for you and for many…. What is the relationship of the New Covenant to the Old Covenant? How do they understand the relationship between the new and the old covenant. . How does it perfect it? What value is the old once the perfect has come? Page 1 of 5 August 25, 2008
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And, if we’re going to hold onto the texts of the Jewish scriptures, what are we to do with them? How does it affect the way that we read those texts? All of this is question ONE. Question Two: Many of the Christians are gentiles. So now that they’re Christians, what is their relationship to their own peoples. It’s not just the “old Adam” that is the ancient, first human being. Rather it is the way of the world. What is the relationship between those teachings that they knew before their conversion to what they know now as Children of Christ. What is the relationship between Christians and the non-Christian empire. 1. the persecutions by the Roman (non-Christian) 2. How do the Christians respond back? To understand how the Romans understand Christianity: Pietas . The core religious value for Romans. The original meaning was: Respect for the customs of the ancestors. The wisdom of antiquity. The traditions that have been passed for generations and generations. If you are wise and true you will act according to this tradition. They are a conservative lot. You stick to what has worked in the past.
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1_Mon_August_25_2008 - Warren Smith Church History 13...

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