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Page 1 of 6 Church History David Steinmetz January 11, 2009 Hopeful list of things for the semester Bibliography List of assignments Mostly a course on European Christianity. European developments because they were so important for the development in the modern world. This is shifting and changing, but hasn’t changed so much yet that the significance has disappeared. Six papers: real papers and on time – the two lowest grades get dropped. Punctuality! They need to be done on time and they will be rewarded with an earthly reward. These are not reaction papers. Right now Martin Luther doesn’t care if you don’t like him. David Steinmetz doesn’t care. But what we care about is whether we understand. “I am personally opposed to the revenge killing of whales.” Exegesis is the life-blood of the profession of pastoral ministry. Teachers: have to explain things… Explaining is what we’re doing! Explaining things of people long dead who don’t see the world as I see it – and they don’t care whether I see it that way or not. Artists lend us their eyes so that we can see things that we otherwise don’t notice: Robert Frye. DS liked to enjoy watching clouds. Then he got busy. And he just noticed after his 60 th birthday - John Updike started watching clouds again, and watch leaves turning. The artist comes into our busy world and lends us a new set of eyes so we can see things newly, freshly. We’ll also see things that we don’t agree with, DS doesn’t agree with, Martin Luther’s friends didn’t agree with. We’re going to use ML’s eyes to see things newly, differently. If we grew up in a Christian community, there is a kind of language we speak. Some of us speak fluent Baptist, or fluent Anglican. Others don’t speak a word of Catholic. Blood is thicker than water except in the Church… where water is the common.
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Page 2 of 6 2000 years course. He wants to bring us to the big understanding of the church, not the little one, that exists in each parish. It’s important that Christian leaders look at the world with clear eyes and a broad perspective. This course is a rescue mission. We’re going to save you from the little Christian worlds. Introduce you to some who don’t even smell good – he means the monks…. The 16 th century. This family whose language we need to understand. Another thing in the picture: The bishop of Detroit will ponder and ponder your situation and they’ll put you in exactly the wrong place. Rural Alabama. Don’t know a fatback from a collard. Get out of our own world and learn from the dead who still have words to speak to us. We’ll be more capable as leaders. At that point, we might be asked for our opinion. Let us be set so loose from ourselves that we may be transformed by what we learn.
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2009-01-12_ChurchHistory - Page 1 of 6 Church History David...

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