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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 7 Church History David Steinmetz January 21, 2009 Reformers in the Wings Gonzalez: What happened … tons and tons of info. Lecture is partly cheer leader Christianity wasn’t south of Ethiopia in Africa until 20 th century. 10 million Christians in Africa in 1900. Now 3 times that in Nigeria alone. “Do Native American’s have soul?” Can you enslave a Christian brother or sister? How far can you adjust to a native culture…. The Jesuits in China…. How do you do this? Using Chinese culture. The pope tells them to quit it. Europe is involved in the United States.. We kept the old vowels… The English adopted Italian vowel sounds… Look at the theological themes in Luther. The big picture of Luther’s theology, so we can understand the nature of his protest and the nature of his alternative. Hard to find unbaptized people in the 16 th century. Everyone else is inside the Christian church. Only Jew or Muslims otherwise. A push to make “real Christians” – push by the Jesuits and other parts of the Christian church. Making real Christians out of people who are somewhat lukewarm Christians. At the present time, most of the people who have been formed by the Catholic Church have been formed incorrectly. So cathecistal tasks are not only for the children, but also for the parents and grandparents. Imagine if you are as old as Steinmetz… that would be pretty old in the 16 th century. You go to Mass several times a week, and you spend your time praying… for the repose of the soul of your family, even as ancestors. Pray for the salvation of their immortal souls… at the end of a long period of purgatory. You are there to adore the presence of Christ and to pray. Now someone who changes the rules. An old woman who was hauled to law for making noise in church, praying for her ancestors, and not listening to the sermon – in Geneva. And don’t pray out loud while the sermon is going. Now we’re talking about the reformation. Page 2 of 7 It used to be that Christianity was preached to non-Christians. Long missions into Europe, into Asia, China… sometimes pretty dangerous missions. St. Boniface, cut down a sacred tree in Frisia, so they cut him down. Now they are preaching to Christians. They were wrongly formed and now need to be re-formed. Celebration of holidays, how you behave in church, even what you name your children. Some Calvinists decide they don’t want to name their children after post-Biblical saints. Say you want to name your daughter “Claire”. St. Francis of Assis’ counter-part. Or Claude. The child is presented for baptism in front of the congregation in Geneva. Claude. “Let us rather name him Abraham” and does....
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2009-01-21_ChurchHistory - Page 1 of 7 Church History David...

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