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Page 1 of 6 Church History David Steinmetz January 26, 2009 Faith and faith alone, so why talk about works. As an old man, he is reflecting on all of the nicknames… The subtle doctor Thomas Aquais: the angel doctor Ockham, the beginner The Doktor of Good Works… the Teacher of Good Works. Now look at what he is saying about faith and works through different eyes. Human beings are flawed! We have left undone those things which we should have done and we have done those things which we ought not to have done, and there is no health in us… So, given the human condition, alas and alack, disappoint even themselves, and it’s … not neurotic guilt…. ., but in addition to neurotic guilt, there is guilt guilt… those things that you really shouldn’t have done. What is the human predicament. What needs to be dealt with? The human problem is not simply that we were raised by sinners – which we were – and not just that we picked up some bad habits because we’ve been socialized into a flawed set of habits. Augustine thought there was something else that was involved. Two sets Our loves: self-love (but sometimes women don’t think of themselves highly enough… ) Loved with an inappropriate love, or not loved with an appropriate love. Two kinds of love. The love of use. Uti Loving something for the sake of something else, for the sake for something higher that sanctions my love of it. Frui : A love of enjoyment for itself alone, and not for something else. We were created to love God for God’s sake alone. And we are to love the world, too. It also deserves love. But it doesn’t deserve the same kind of love that we give to God. It is loved not as an end in itself, but as a means back to the Creator of heaven and earth. Augustine saw the predicament that they loved God with a love of use and they loved the
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Page 2 of 6 world with the end of enjoyment. They found God only to be a sanction for the world that they loved already. Sin isnt’ just a discrete act, but rather it’s a state of being. I’m in the grip of something that I can’t get myself out of. Now the something other may be a very good thing. A rich man loves his riches, a beautiful woman loves her beauty. So we substituted the love that belongs to God to the worldly thing. Another word for that is “idolatry”. Love of work, of spouse of children…. Are they bad things? No. Are they god? No. What is the last thing that you cling to in this world? Hollywood stars who were in love with the beauty of their youth. Only God can pull off the God act. Barth summarizes in a story of a funeral procession in Switerland …. Pastor, mourners, family with casket. Casket is lowered into the grave.
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2009-01-26_ChurchHistory - Page 1 of 6 Church History David...

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