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Page 1 of 6 2/9/2009 Church History February 9, 2009 Relationship to God and relationship to other people. Everyone stands in two relationships. The first to God, from whom we are receivers. Here we are passive in that it is God who initiates the giving. But in relationship to our neighbors, we are not to be passive – we are to be active. There are no laws that make me God’s beloved child. It is God’s power and grace and will that He has initiated love for me. But for my neighbor…. . Two kingdoms: church and state issues. Christ rules the world, but he rules the world in two ways. Christ rules the world through laws and magistrates and governors. It is necessary to rule the state because of sin with an extremely firm hand. The state is a place where rules and laws are important and essential. Augustinian view of the state. He thinks of the state as unruly. There is evil and it needs to be kept in check. There are people who are predatory. We can find a box car full of them without leaving Durham. If left to their own devices, they will do things to harm others. What we do to keep them from harming others, we restrain them. To keep them from doing things to damage others. Luther doesn’t think you can rule the state by preaching love convincingly. Through force and compulsion, the state is ruled. But Christ rules the Church through the gospel, it is a transformed society within the larger society, that is devoted to the work of doing good. So, that’s why the Christians don’t need the Law. Calvinist and Catholics take a deep breath. Would they always drive 35 mph in the 35 mph zone? Pay Soc Sec for household help… etc. Roommate in college who liked to write Gospel songs: “Free from the Law” Free from the Law Oh, happy condition, Now I can sin Without asking permission!
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Page 2 of 6 2/9/2009 He thinks God brings good works out of a fallen human race by transforming it. He dislikes intensely canon law. The problem in the late fifteenth century is that it must have laws, prosecutors. And no indispensible hierarchy! The mo,ment they think they are indispensible, fire them! The Church is the community of the liberated! We submit to the law, not because we need a law to tell us how to do a good work, but out of love for the neighbor. Let’s suppose that somebody has cheated you… a so-called orphan in Nigeria… and it was actually a 50-year old man in a coffee shop. What redress are you allowed in the Church as a follower of Christ. Turn the other cheek… not to court. But, I am commanded by out of love for neighbor, to support the justice seeking of the neighbor. I can’t seek justice for my own case, but I can seek justice to benefit for you. I seek the laws that will get justice for you – but I can’t seek to get vindication for myself. It’s OK to get vindication, but not if I’m seeking it.
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2009-02-09_Church History - Page 1 of 6 Church History...

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