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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 6 2/11/2009 Church History February 11, 2009 Time Magazine: Indulgences by John Paul II for Bishops to issue indulgences. And Martin Luther on indulgences. Set the church back 500 years. Now available in New York. Dr. Susan Shriner: lecture on the Reformation period. The Steinmetz Lecturers. To be announced well in advance. Got her doctorate at Duke. Visiting at Harvard. She signed up for his courses. They broke the mold after they made Susan. She’s a trip, and a beloved teacher at the University of Chicago. Retirement talk from Steinmetz…. Not a Memoi …. A historical lecture on the reformation…. Invited, but not required. In the great scheme of things, there weren’t that many Anabaptists in the world – those that agreed neither with the Protestants, nor with the Roman Catholics. Scattered without a lot of contact with each other. Professionals and high school teachers were usually their leaders rather than University professors or bishops. We find an ex-gardener, a theologian who was a preacher as a Catholic, a high school teacher. They were seen as a danger to society. So their leaders were imprisoned and executed, or imprisoned and then executed. Steinmetz was supposed to give a talk on martyrs in the 16 th century. In the 16 th century, there were martyrs among the Catholics, among the Lutherans, not just the Anabaptists. But none the less, a real possibility, not just for the leadership, but also for the lay people. A letter written by a woman to her daughter “The Martyr’s Mirror” There are martryologies for every tradition: Catholics, Lutherans, Anabaptists. This civil war had casualties. Though they were martyrs, they were not martyrers: they didn’t kill others. Except those in the North who overtook Amsterdam. Mennonites tried to distance themselves from the violent ones. Polygamists… A book of court cases, people hauled before the courts (in Dutch) for religious reasons. One in particular, the brother beheaded his brother because the Holy Spirit told him to. Both in the wild, wooley group and in the fringes. So John Howard Yoder talking about the Anabaptists, he’s speaking of a purified form of the Anabaptists that has reinvented history – in the Mennonites. Following Jesus may mean following Jesus all the way to the cross. Not enough to follow Jesus in baptism as an adult, but it means that you may get a cross. And by “cross” they don’t just mean some sort of figurative difficulties, but they mean literally. Page 2 of 6 2/11/2009 The letter of the young woman to her daughter… because her mother’s life is going to be terminated as she dies as a witness for Jesus Christ…. What marks Anabaptists off from other radicals: It’s not just that they favor adult baptism, it’s required. It’s not negotiable. Infant baptism is worthless. You have to hear the gospel for yourself, exercise your free will under the power of the Spirit to embrace that gospel, and to embrace the manner of life that that life entails.that gospel, and to embrace the manner of life that that life entails....
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2009-02-11_Church History - Page 1 of 6 2/11/2009 Church...

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