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2009-02-25-Church History

2009-02-25-Church History - Page 1 of 7 Church History Mid...

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Februrary 25, 2009 Page 1 of 7 Church History February 25, 2009 Mid term quiz is about big things. What are the big Oxcart of Anathoth? Mebidish what was his problem? Those are small things: He’s trying to drive posts into the ground from 1500 onwards that will help us understand the Christian past. This is not a class about random information about dead people. It’s a class about the deciders that decided so many things about our life right this moment. When we’re thinking about the big issues of the reformation, the people, etc. That’s what we’re to concentrate on. Immaculate Conception: Was Mary kept from “Original Sin” in the womb of her mother St. Anne? Think big, think important, think CLEARLY! Calvin had tuberculosis, hemmeroids. Lots of children die. 16 th century, good health was a rare thing. Everybody is shorter. A different kind of world. We take it for granted as the American form of life that we are well-muscled with a gym membership.. Trent made decisions that were very important, that guided the Catholic Church from the time they were made to present. The Catholic Church was not unchanging. It changes within boundaries. The question of scripture is inside the question of Authority. Where does authority lie? Is Christian tradition co-equal with scripture? It’s not the question of historical criticism. Are they strict history (the scripture) or how has it changed? These questions weren’t on the mind in the 16 th century. Even the question of which books were scripture? The Protestants went back to the Hebrew Canon and excluded Sirach 2:1 “My Son, if you would serve the Lord, prepare yourself for temptation!”
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Februrary 25, 2009 Page 2 of 7 Maccabees is also excluded. The practice of praying to the dead is commended. Important for Catholics to included in the Canon and to be excluded in the Protestant, because they disapproved of the developed accoutrements of the Catholic praying for the dead. Luther: wanted to reorder the whole thing: Epistle of Paul that says salvation by faith, and why have James that talks about salvation by works? Went into the 3 rd century without a canon and emerged from the 3 rd century with one. Finally for the Protestant what is included in the canon are the apocrayphal books. Eccleisiatstics (also known as Sirach) and the Maccabees are excluded. They are edifying reading, but not the same as canon. The Council of Trent decides to list all of the books that they would like to include as Scripture. The old Testament includes all including the Hebrew Apocrypha. The New Testament is the same for both Roman Catholics and Protestants. 27 books. Continue to exclude the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Peter. In the place of OT Apocrapha, there is nothing. It’s shorter. Sirach 2:1 isn’t in it.
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2009-02-25-Church History - Page 1 of 7 Church History Mid...

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