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Page 1 of 7 Church History 14 Monday, March 23, 2009 Heidelberg Confession… Creed… more “you”… not just an intellectual God is to be enjoyed, we are to be used. Augustian Confess with this group its faith. We say the confessions not because we always believe them so well, but because we hope to! Let me put it this way: Imagine if we tied the faith of the Church to this particular congregation’s faith this Sunday morning? Doesn’t bear thinking about! The Church lives by its confession, not by the personal faith of its members. Late 16 th and early 17 th century, writing confessions was a serious undertaking. A pretty sophisticated thing, the Church was by that time. Not enough to have the confession that connects the most intellectual to the lest intellectual. It also has the charge to clarify the faith before those who don’t believe at all. A book not only in confession, but also “stump removal”, “cobweb desinigration” Earliest Protestants: Catholics with an attitude. They are angry about something. There is a civil war within Christiandom. Starts in the Catholic church, boils out after awhile, and becomes a persistent split. It is the case that these divisions have not simply disappeared. Boundaries are defined increasingly. But not only this. Also catechizing members into the understandings of their faith. Lutherans are catechized into Luther’s short Catechism. Initiating into the fundamental believes of each. You must honor and respet your father and your mother… you can not change them. Strom Thurman: That’s the past, there’s not a thing I can do about it. There is an unease that Christendom split… and of course East and West split even earlier. Eastern Orthodoxy with Protestant of course, too. Not only do I have a responsibility for the unity of the Church, but are thrre things for good or ill about which conscience can’t be compromised. Human race backs into these problems from time to time whether it wants them or doesn’t want them. Can’t step back. Not only children that needed to be catechized into the Christian faith as understood by
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Page 2 of 7 the Lutherans or Reformed or Catholics. It’s not only children, but also parents and grandparents. Every age group presents a catecatical task. The theological task is to form perfectly, “as it really is” (Catholic, or Lutheran or Reformed). It is a task that had not yet been done at the beginning of the Reformation. Why did so many Roman catholics join the Protestants…. Heretics: An opinion that continues to be held even after instruction… and it will die out. Yet the Protestant church didn’t die out. There is a task that the church simply can’t avoid. It is well over due. There is a re- Christianization of Europe that needs to be accomplished. Whether the leadership is Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Puritan,…. There is work to be done. A different sort of theology that starts at the end of the 17
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2009-03-23_Church History 14 - Page 1 of 7 Church History...

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