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Unformatted text preview: Old Testament 11 Ellen Davis Friday, September 12, 2008 Israel is a holy nation before God, a kingdom of priests. The word used is one of ownership, and ownership that only pertains to a king. “Divine dangerousness” She is going to define this term. In her own tradition, we basically image that God is an uncle in a tweed suit. This is not at all how the Jewish people see this. Ch 20:5 against graven images. For I am an impassioned God, visiting the iniquities upon the children to the 3 or 4 th generation. The role of Israel as a kingdom of priests means that Israel is going to live in the high voltage zone of electric election. As we get into Leviticus, getting a priest, in the family of Aaron, puts you both in privilege and very dangerous. The first hint that it can be dangerous to be very close to God is the scene in Exodus 4 when God seeks to kill Moses? This is not every explained, but it’s the first hint that God is not a cozy uncle… and I fyou forget this.. which they did… and they make themselves the golden calf, and there is a lot of bloodshed. This is the danger of being a chosen people. Six weeks before the Golden Calf, Ex 19:12 : You shall create a border around the people and take care for yourselves lest not to go up on the mountain and touch its edge… Anyone who touches the mountain shall surely be killed. When no agent of action is mentioned, God is implicated. 19:22 And also, the priests who were gathered to God shall sanctify themselves lest the Lord shall break out against them. The dialectic of Israel’s holy status: The privilege and the closeness of danger. Covenant represents and affirmation of the goodness and integrity of creation. The echoes of creation in Exo 1 & 2. From the standpoint of Sinai, being in covenant means to see oneself as part of the company of creatures that includes the fertile earth itself. Just at the outset, contrast Page 1 of 6 September 12, 2008 that understanding of community with what we saw of Pharaoh in Egypt: Ex 10: Do you not yet know that Egypt has been destroyed?” He refused to acknowledge the condition of the earth and his responsibility. Immediately following the 10 commandments. Ch 20 Sabbath is the longest and the most frequently repeated of all of the commandments....
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6_Fri_Sept_12_2008 - Old Testament 11 Ellen Davis Friday...

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