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Page 1 of 9 OT – February 4, 2009 Jeremiah 15 minutes about the Hoffman article. An interview with Hoffman She is presenting from 12-2 at Franklin Ctr. “An enemy from the North – the snow. Jeremiah… Made for TV movie “Jeremiah” Jeremiah 1-25 Jeremiah is NOT to marry Last week, Isaiah: We have the heights of poetic rhetoric. In Jeremiah we have “Terror all around” Written around the events of exile. Ch 6:24-25 Jer. 6:24 The people cry out,63 “We have heard reports about them! We have become helpless with fear!64 Anguish grips us, agony like that of a woman giving birth to a baby! 25 Do not go out into the countryside. Do not travel on the roads. For the enemy is there with sword in hand.65 They are spreading terror everywhere.”66 A long book, and a confused book. 52 chaptes. It reflects the turmoil that is taking place. The terror that is going on all around. The first great power is Assyria, then the neo-Babylonian, then the Persian empires. Jeremiah: Judah is small, a tiny backwater in the hill country. Josiah: 622, 2 Kings 22-23 The discovery of the Law Book Deut 12-26. They find the law book and institute some reforms. Josiah is consistently allied with the Assyrians. 609 Josiah dies at the hands of the Egyptians. Egypt and Babylon are fighting over the land in between. Olive oil, an important strip of land, and who will have control of the land. A see saw of Egypt to Assyria. Trying to side with the
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Page 2 of 9 most powerful. Megiddo also knows as Armegedon. Josiah is siding with the Babylonians to try to stop the fighting with the Egyptians. Josiah is killed by the Egyptian king. Mezehotzoh Shallum is the same as Jehoahaz. He is king for only three months. Deposed by the Egyptians. 609 Jehoiakim is put in place until 598. Things didn’t work out well for him, either. 605 Jeohiakim switches ???? Babylonian vitory over Egypt at Carcemish (Jer 46:2) Carchemish is northeast of Damascus. 604 Nebuchadnezzar 2, takes over Ashkelon, directly west of Jerusalem, quite close. This is terror all around. 601 nebuchadnezzar 2 tries to go all the way down into Egypt. He fails, but doesn’t forget. 601 Jeohiakim switches allegiance to Egypt!!!! Jehoiakin 598-597 takes the pnichshment 597 and 587 are the dates that we need to remember. 595 insurrection in Babylon, Egypt gains strength, Zedekah reverst to Egypt Jer 27:1-11) Zedekiah 597-587. 587-586: The fall of Jerusalem. Zedekiah’s sons are killed in front of him, and then his eyes are gouged out and he’s taken as prisoner to Babylonian exile. In addition to terror all around. There is also literally, with poetry. Isaiah 1-39 Pre-exilic 40-55 Exilic 56-66 Post-exilic First half of Jeremiah 1-25 Terror and 2 nd half, two. Chastisement, judgment.
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2009-02-03-OT - Page 1 of 9 OT February 4 2009 Jeremiah 15...

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