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Page 1 of 6 2/6/09 OT – February 6, 2009 The life and times of a Islam poet. My happiness bears no relation to happiness. Peter Cole: translator of Hebrew poetry is her husband. Adina Hoffman ED: How did you come to write the article? AH: She has lived in Jerusalem for 16 years. She is highly conscious of the different ways that people understand Jerusalem here versus the way it is…. She has been trying to account for the way things look to her as an on the ground eyewitness view. First book was her attempt to Jerusalem is officially one city, but East Jerusalem knows that it was annexed in 1967, mostly Arab. She lives in the West of the city. She lives on the boundary of east and west Jerusalem. She speaks Arabic and spends lots of time over there. She didn’t understand the nature about the problems with the Rafi Greenburg. She was shocked. She kind of knew in some vague way, but it was a 10 minute walk from her house. Jehwuad was arrested. Court house was 5 minutes walk from her house. She stood there with a sign…. I actually have something that I can do, which is to write. Activism takes all kinds of form… with that kind of push, she wrote the ariticle. Hoping that tourists would read it. She was upset that people didn’t really understand what was going on…. A tour of the archaeological dig, was raising money to oust the Palestinians. AH: wishes that she didn’t have to write about Jerusalem all the time. She doesn’t see herself as standing in a prophet’s shoes. It’s just what she sees every day and sees a compulsion to write. It is a layered city – culturally and socially. It is a burden not only that a writer feels, but one that everyone who lives in Jerusalem feels every day. The Bible is never neutral, but there are secular Jews who don’t want to have anything to do with it, because it’s all been corrupted by the political issues. A generation of Israeli Jews who treated the Bible as their natural heritage, Secular Jews none the less treasured the Bibles, but that generation is fading away. ED: Something she spoke of the earlier generation as secular, and they would go out in the afternoon and take a walk and they would know the land in a quite physical land:
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Page 2 of 6 2/6/09 AH: Part of “knowing the land” is “conqueoring the land” and also intellectually knowing the land, being able to name every verse that mentions it, all the flowers in that place… a deeply Zionistic idea has been taken over by the right wing. She is going to read a poem: The national poet: Tourists: Prose part: Once I sat on the steps at David’s gate…. Just right of his head, just right of his…. . Redemption will come only if their guide tells them:
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2009-02-06-OT - Page 1 of 6 OT February 6 2009 The life and...

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