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Page 1 of 8 2/13/09 Old Testament February 13, 2009 Finishing Ezekiel, and how he influences later prophesy, and prepares the way for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second part of Ezekiel, at Ch 33 when the escapee comes from Jerusalem saying that the city has fallen. Ezekiel’s dumbness is a symbol of him not having anything new to say against Jerusalem until the prophetic word had been fulfilled. The moment of change is 33:21 Theodicy: The precision of his timing and noting of the time: January 585! The escape comes and says “The city has been taken! From this point on, it is encouraging and upbuilding. It’s not a pure community and there is a continuing need for 2 Isa is pure consolation. 3 Isa 56 and following – bright light, but realization that not all is as it should be in community. 2 Eze is like 3 Isa. Those who are capable of repentenace. A reoccurring theme 5 key elements of the vision that Ezekiel is putting forth: 34:2 Purified leadership. “Human being! Prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Say to them, thus says the Lord God, Woe to the Shepherds of Israel who have been tending themselves. Is it not the flock that the shepherds are supposed to be tending? By my life, is it not the case, because my flock has become a waste or a prey, for eating by the beasts fo the fiueld, and my shepherds didn’t concern themselves with tending the sheep. Traditional Near Eastern language for kingship. Also the prophets and other leaders are also shepherds. False prophets and bad priests. Within here, the Davidic kingship: 34:23 I will raise up on shepherd for them, of the house of David. A leadership sermon. The first element in his vision of restoration is LEADERSHP. Second theme is land restoration:
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Page 2 of 8 2/13/09 36: Ezek. 36:1 “Son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel and say: Mountains of Israel, hear the word of the LORD.a 2 This is what the Lord GOD says: Because the enemy has said about you, ‘Good!a The ancient heights have become our possession,’ 3 therefore, prophesy and say: This is what the Lord GOD says: Because they have made you desolate and have trampled you from every side, so that you became a possession for the rest of the nations and an object of people’s gossip and slander, 4 therefore, mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord GOD. This is what the Lord GOD says to the mountains and hills, to the ravines and valleys, to the desolate ruins and a There was a great deal of devastation by the Babylonians of the land. The land has been a victim. And now there is restoration. 36:22 “It’s not for you’lls sake that I am acting. But rather for the sake of my holy name, which you all have profaned among all the nations.
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2009-02-13-OT - Page 1 of 8 Old Testament Finishing Ezekiel...

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