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Page 1 of 7 Old Testament 12 March 4, 2009 The Book of Job Episcopal Church of Sudan: Theology Education; Sustainable agriculture and community health. She is not repeating the exegetical chapter on Job. She assumes that we will have read it. Job is the most complex of all the wisdom books, not just in the Bible, but in the whole genre, in Mesopotamia, and Egypt. Nothing with the literary complexity or the depth. A thumbnail definition of wisdom literature: Practical theology. Wrestling with theological problems as encounter them on the ground. Can have a strong intellectual component, but not necessarily. A major problem, the major problem, is making sense of the whole. The integrity of the individual and the integrity of the book. A rough outline of the book. Ch 1-2: The divine book. Blake: the patience Job and the impatient Job. 1-2: patient Job Ch 3: Impatient: argues with friends. (through 31) Chap 28: A philosophical reflection about wisdom. Ch 32-37 Elihu speaks Ch 38-41 YHWH speaks… from the whirlwind… is it a non sequitur? Ch 42: Jobs restoration (a folktale) Thematic and linguistic connections …. With prophets What kind of theological problems might Job help us to address, and how might it help us address our problems with Job. She can’t help us with date. She has a strong opinion, even though we can’t answer it for sure. Apart from the folk tale frame, it’s poetry, and poetry is hard to date. It doesn’t have the clear markers. The folktale part seems to be from the classical period of
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Page 2 of 7 monarchy and exilic period. She thinks its likely part of the massive body of literature that comes to be during the exilic period. That is her date. And she is also open to the idea that it is a composite piece that has come from an earlier period and been reworked, or received contributions from several hands. The most probing response to theological crisis. There are several pronounced thematic and linguistic connections with the exilic Prophets. Job curses the day that he was born. Jeremiah as well curses the day that he was born. A 2 nd point: Job speaks of his intimacy with God was upon my tent, and likewise, with Jeremiah as the true prophet is the intimate with God. The language is particularly close. A 3 rd point: Job is famously named by God as “my servant” Have you considered my servant Job? Servant is the key theme of Israel…. Undeserved suffering… Isaiah. Job should not be considered a book of undeserved suffering. We speak of “Jobian experience” Like Jeremiah, like exilic Ezeiah. A suffering that exceeding understanding. Struggling with the strangeness of God. What kind of God is this that allows this to happen? The use of Job in practical theology:
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2009-03-04-OT12 - Page 1 of 7 Old Testament 12 March 4 2009...

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