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Page 1 of 9 Old Testament 12 March 6, 2009 So I decided… to recognize human beings: they are really animals. So dies one, so dies the other. There is no superiority of the human over the animal. Eerything came from one place The 3 rd point between science and Bible: Every thing must find it’s place in the created order. Extinction is the end of those who ignore. Don’t eat too much, don’t eat enough. So much attention is given to matters of eating, beginning in Genesis 1, especially who The first age of species extinction: In the age of species extinction: the first matter of the Divine Will is the matter of eating exceeding beyond the limits that God has set. Humans are the loose link in the whole food chain, and the one that is letting things loose. Creationism gives a too simple view: Three points: Creationism as she has read it and understood it. Suggests that the crucial thing for people of fiath is to understand “how the world came into being”… versus: what it means to be humans among other creatures before GOD. Beiung creatures is learning humility, as the acceptance of limit and death. Learning not as submission to an alien will, but as acceptance of limit and death. Rowan Williams. 2 nd : how did the world come into being is an abstract question in that the question or its answer doesn’t impose upon us any need to care for the world. Biblical wisdom is never interested in abstract questions. Biblical wisdom is knowledge of the world PLUS fear of the LORD. The combination imposes on us certain obligations in our behavor to the world. A third point about creationism and…. Reads Gen 1-2 as a scientific record of data. She suggests that it is a poem in the tradition of the great chain of being. She means, it belongs to a transcultural tradition of poetry that helps us locate ourselves in regards to God on the one hand, and other creatures and creation on the other. With respect to. God’s answer to Job is a poem in the tradition of the great cahin of being. Such poetry is one way that we may get out of our own ways into Wendell Berryt:
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Page 2 of 9 It seems to her that one of the most important theological…. A way of getting out of our minds into the forms of creatures that we did not make. Rev Dr. Garner: Wisdom: Traditional covenantal theology: Thus saith the Lord. Wisdom says: Have you ever noticed? Doing theology from above, and doing theology from below. Not the place to stay, but not a bad place to start. Revelation: comes from a general source. General revelation in nature: Romans 1:19-21 What can be known about God is plain to them. For God’s eternal power, his eternal identity, has clearly been seen in the things that have been made… so they are without excuse. But this is general revelation.
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2009-03-06-OT12 - Page 1 of 9 Old Testament 12 March 6 2009...

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