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2009-03-20OT12 - Another story of Jews in the court of a...

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Another story of Jews in the court of a foreign king. Daniel is one of the last books in the Hebrew Bible. It seems to have assumed its final form in the reign of the Celusitdux the IV. Alexander the Great’s kingdom was broken up into 3; 175-164 The Selucid portion. Written a cou[le of years before he actually died. Antiphones the IV has found his way into history for his brutal attempt to wipe out Judeaism, and to turn Jerusalem into a Greek city. He abolished the Jewish sacrifice at the temple, the Jewish festivals at the temple, circumcision, pagan shrines, sacrificed a pig on the central altar of the Temple. Erected a statue of Zeus in the Temple. The penultimate verses of the Book. Almost the last verses of Dan 12 From the time that the perpetual sacrifice was taken away to set in place the devastating abomination… happy is the one who waits and arrives at or attains to that time. That are 135.. the days that are 1335.. Antichese Antiphones did this. The book of Daniel is set 400 years earlier in the time of the Babylonian exile. Why would that be? In the very real sencse, 400 years later, the exile has not really ended, as long as Jerusalem remains in foreign hands. Macabees win Jerusalem back. They rededicate the Temple. The Hassnamian dynasty had started, but Daniel still entered the canon. He remains relevant to Jewish experience and to Christian experience, up through modern times. Last Sunday, ED heard a holocaust survivor. She spoke about the 3 rd Reich. One of the first things that the Nazi did was prohibit Kosher slaughter. Jews had to either give up meat or be assimilated. Also an ancient ploy attested by the Book of Daniel. They choose to eat vegetables and beans rather than the king’s food. In the 2 nd century… Kosher slaughter is against the law… in Nazi Germany, and in the Book of Daniel. It stands in the back of a real and pressing question. Can we live? Can we have healthy bodies without assimilating and eating unclean food? Judea became a battle ground, not only between Jews and Greeks, but also amongst Jews: between assimilists and traditionalist. Thousands – maybe 40,000 were massacred and a similar number were sold as slaves. The first person in history who decides that he will try to wipe out Jewish people entirely. In light of that ambition, three questions wipe out
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the book. One: why are we still in exile? Why are we still under the domination of foreign kings? Two: How can we live successfully under the domination of foreign kings? Three: When will God deliver us? How does Danield answer these questions. The book is complex. The order of the book Two parts. Ch 1-6 The court tales. For ED, this is the part that Ellen experienced in Sunday School. The 2 nd part of the book, an apocalyptic portrayal of history.
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2009-03-20OT12 - Another story of Jews in the court of a...

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