2009-04-08OTThe African

2009-04-08OTThe African - The African-American civil rights...

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The African-American civil rights movement flowed directly from the African-American church. Because they have been slaved. Because their lives were completely stripped from them. They didn’t even have each other for a common history, a common land, a common language, a common memory. They were truly stripped and baptized in tears. They re-built their word from scratch, using the Bible as their common land and common memory. The culture continues to oppress the contemporary African-American. The contemporary African-American continues to understand and be plagued by the oppression. Statistics: Leading cause of death of Black male is suicide…(!) That is an awful crime of our society. How many are poor. 14.6 infant mortality for 1000 for blacks vs 6 in 1000 for whites. 400,000 85% black or latino valued to pass to next grade. 56% don’t graduate from high school (!) When he goes around – why not redeem with a liberating spirit ---- prosperity driven, bigger building driven…. . They didn’t need their religion to mimic the kind of Bible that the slaves’ masters and mistresses read and the kind the religion they lived. Why read the Bible with European-American intent. The Bible doesn’t operate in an objective, logical manner. “Scientific and therefore accurate Bible interpreter”…. “a white church with a black façade.” You need to interpret outside its cultural context (how is one to do that – other than by the Holy Spirit) Ground in the reign of God. (Why are you preaching blacka dn white? Why not preach neither black nor white nor slave nor free – but where to look for the model of this??? Look and see what the oppressed peoples are doing.) Because of its contextual interpretive context, the AfricanAmerican church is different – because it is transformative. It is required. There is a pre-understanding that transformation must be required. Everybody brings a preunderstanding to the reading of the text. And the question is not just “who am I as I relate to God?” but also, what is my cultural situation. The interpretative agenda… what drives me to live my life as I do?
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The interventionist understanding: that God intervenes in human history, the Jesus ministry and Jesus discipleship, and that God will intervene in the future. The African-American… read with a pre-understanding that God does and will intervene
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2009-04-08OTThe African - The African-American civil rights...

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