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2009-04-15-OT - Welcome Presentation Wondering Crafts Feast...

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Page 1 of 2 OT April 15, 2009 Final paper is due on Monday, April 27 th . Erin Cuens is participating in Panel on politics, archaeology… She detests Veggie Tales and Leggo Bible…. Then she discovered Godly Play… A way of introducting scripture to children. Say a few words of introduction Presentation that will take about 15 minutes Invite the class to wonder with him… that’s the heart of Godly Play. And then examine what we’ve just done. Our job is to help people meet God for themselves. He had frightened of losing the children. He wanted to keep them so busy and for so long… and he hadn’t ever trusted that the Holy Spirit would be speaking to the child. That the child might have heard something directly from the Holy Spirit that hadn’t yet heard himself. Cathecesis of good shepherd. Jerome Barryman made it more liturgical. No one to do child care, children not associated to the adults… Jerome made it a five stage process:
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Unformatted text preview: Welcome Presentation Wondering Crafts Feast Sending out He tends to see that the church is a place where children and adults can interact in enriching ways for both. Mixed groups of children and adults. I dont really believe in Christian education. I just believe in worship. Luke 15, John 10, Psalm 23. Page 2 of 2 They all have the same shepherd. Said the six-year old girl because the sheep were all different colors. Just like Karl Barth. Its not that Im a whacky youth worker. Its that this is the story about everything, and youre invited in. Its an invitation into prayer. You dont wonder anything that you already know the answer to. This is not to be entertainment. This is to worship and invite people to join with the prayer. A deeper trust in the Holy Spirit. . Dont try to close off the mystery with a closed answer....
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2009-04-15-OT - Welcome Presentation Wondering Crafts Feast...

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