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6- 62 6.81(cont'd) (c) Liquid feed : () ( . ) 100 56 39 5640 = kg / h To calculate ± V , we would need to know the density of a 7 wt% aqueous Na 2 CO 3 solution. (d) If T dropped in the filter, more solid NaHCO 3 would be recovered and the residual solution would contain less than 2.4% NaHCO 3 . (e) Benefit: Higher pressure greater higher concentration of CO in solution higher rate of reaction smaller reactor needed to get the same conversion lower cost Penalty Higher pressure greater cost of compressing the gas (purchase cost of compressor, power consumption) CO Henry's law 2 2 ⇒⇒ p : 6.82 a. Heating the solution dissolves all MgSO 4 ; filtering removes I, and cooling recrystallizes MgSO 4 enabling subsequent recovery. (b) Strategy : Do D.F analysis. Dissolution
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