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6- 46 6.64 (cont’d) e. If the column is long enough, the liquid flowing down eventually approaches equilibrium with the entering gas. At 70 o C, the mole fraction of hexane in the exiting liquid in equilibrium with the mole fraction in the entering gas is 4.56x10 –4 mol H/mol, which is insufficient to bring the total hexane absorption to the desired level. To reach that level at 70 o C, either the liquid feed rate must be increased or the pressure must be raised to a value for which the final mole fraction of hexane in the vapor is 2.63x10 –4 or less. The solution is min 1037 mm Hg. P = 6.65 a. Intersection of vapor curve with y B = 030 . at T = °⇒ 104 13% B(l), C 8 7 % T ( l ) b. ( ) ( ) 100 C 0.24 mol B mol liquid , 0.46 mol B mol vapor BB Tx y ⇒= = Basis: 1 mol 0.30 mol B(v)/mol n V (mol vapor) 0.46 mol B(v)/mol n L (mol liquid) 0.24 mol B(l)/mol Balances Total moles: B: . . mol mol mol vapor mol liquid 1 030 046
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