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Unformatted text preview: 5- 85.22Let B = benzene n n nmoles in the container when the sample is collected, afterthe helium is added, and after the gas is fed to the GC.123,,=nmoles of gas injectedinj=nnnmoles of benzene and air in the container and moles of helium addedBairHe,,=nmmoles, g of benzene in the GCBGCBGC,=ymole fraction of benzene in room airB=a.P Vn RT (1 condition when sample was taken): P = 99 kPa, TK111111==306nkPa101.3L306 Kmol K.08206 L atmmol = nn1kPaatmairB==+9920078.P Vn RT (2condition when charged with He): P = 500 kPa, TK222222==306 nkPa101.3L306 Kmol K.08206 L atmmol = n+ nn2kPaatmairBHe==+50020 393.P Vn RT (3final condition in lab): P = 400 kPa, TK333333==296 nkPa101.3L296 Kmol K.08206 L atmmol = (nnnn3kPaatmairBHeinj==++40020 325.)n= nnmolinj23=0 068.nnnnmol0.068 molmgB)mol78.0 gmBBGC2injBGCBGC===0 39310 0741.(.y (ppm) =nnm0.078mBB1BGCBGC==100 0741100 950 10666....
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