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Adam Goldsmith IV History Edu 118 At first glance there is nothing distinctive about Isla Vista, with all its resemblances of a typical working class neighborhood: litter, cluttered apartment buildings and duplex bungalows, an overabundance of crappy used cars, and not a parking space in sight. However, it becomes increasingly obvious with every passing minute that this is anything but your average ghetto. For starters, the beautiful coastline might seem of unusually close proximity; or perhaps it’s the oddly placed, cup covered ping pong table in someone’s front yard that gives it away. But if for some reason I.V. hasn’t struck you as suspicious yet, then you obviously haven’t been here long enough, because given time you will surely realize that you haven’t seen anyone over the age of 23 since you got here……and that’s just weird. I.V. as we know it arose after being purchased by the Regents of the University of California from the Marines, who had used the former Chumash tribal settlement- turned failed beach resort and oil investment as an air base during World War II. In 1953, modern day UCSB (then not yet a UC and simply named Santa Barbara College) established its campus here, creating an increasing demand for the surrounding area and giving rise to a 1960’s real estate boom quickly capitalized upon by eager investors and developers. Among those involved were a few of UCSB’s own administration members
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isla vista paper - Adam Goldsmith IV History Edu 118 At...

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