242 Exp. _4 Worksheet SP 2012

242 Exp. _4 Worksheet SP 2012 - (show all necessary...

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CHEM 242 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory II Experiment #4 – The Grignard Synthesis of 2-methyl-3-heptanol Name: _________________________________________________________________ Section: __________ TA: _________________________________________________ Complete the following table by reporting the appropriate value in each empty cell. Mg 1-bromobutane 2-methylpropanal Molar mass (g/mol) Density N/A Mass or Volume Used (g or mL) Moles Equivalents * * Equivalents are convenient ways to provide molar ratios by default, the reagent with the lowest number of moles is set to 1.0 equivalents (eq). To get the equivalents for another reagent, the number of moles of that reagent is divided by the number of moles of the reagent whose equivalents were set to 1.0. In this way, the ratio of equivalents is equal to the molar ratio. Maximum Number of Moles of Grignard possible_______________
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Unformatted text preview: (show all necessary calculations below) Theoretical Yield of 2-methyl-3-heptanol ________________ (show all necessary calculations below) Actual yield of 2-methyl-3-heptanol ________________ Percent Yield ________________ Which peaks in the IR spectrum (absence and presence) let you know the reaction was successful? An IR spectrum of the starting isobutyraldehyde is available on Blackboard. (Attach the IR spectrum of your product to your worksheet) Lab Grade Pre-lab Quiz ________ Lab Notebook ________ Lab Worksheet ________ Post-lab Assignment ________ Overall ________ Please sign the honor pledge below I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment. Signature _____________________________________________________________...
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242 Exp. _4 Worksheet SP 2012 - (show all necessary...

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