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Exp. _3 PLQ - Spring 2012

Exp. _3 PLQ - Spring 2012 - CHEM 242 EXPERIMENT#3 Nitration...

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CHEM 242 EXPERIMENT #3 Nitration of Bromobenzene Post-lab Assignment Spring 2012 General Information This post-lab assignment is worth six points toward your overall Experiment #3 grade. This Experiment #3 post-lab assignment will be available from February 10 until March 2. Guidelines Instructions: Answer the post-lab assignment questions neatly and concisely. You may submit your answers on a separate sheet(s) of paper. Your responses will be evaluated and graded on the quality, not the quantity of response. The post-lab assignment questions are to be completed individually. Responses resembling those of another will be reviewed as possible cases of academic dishonesty. You should consider the post-lab assignment as a take-home examination. Refer to the descriptions in the course syllabus of cases which have been pursued in the past. Write all responses in ink. You may write your responses in an erasable medium [pencil, for example]. However, reports, [including calculations] will be graded, but
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