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Payne,  BSCI330 Exam #1 2/17/12 Print Your Name: Your Laboratory Section:   DAY     TIME Directions : 1. Print Your Name and Section on every page of this exam  NOW . 2. Use a  PEN  to complete this exam or you will not be eligible for a regrade. 3. Check to see that you have  3 sheets . If you don t, raise your hand. 4. You  must  confine your answers to the spaces provided.  5.  Read  the questions! - Be as specific and as concise as you can. Use the  minimal  number of words necesnsary to completely answer the question. Use diagrams and  graphs if needed, but remember to label them! 6. You must hand in your exam by 9:50 AM. Good Luck. Scoring : Possible Pts. PAGE 2 /  24 PAGE 3 /  17 PAGE 4 /  22 PAGE 5 /  25 PAGE 6 /  12 TOTAL     /  100 I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination Signed 1
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Name ______________________ Lab Section day ______________ time_____________ 1) Which THREE statements below are true of all cells? ( CIRCLE THE SQUARES TO THE LEFT OF THE TRUE STATEMENTS; 10pts) All cells have endoplasmic reticulum FALSE (Bacteria do not) All cells require at least a thousand genes to function FALSE (parasitic bacteria do not) All cells derive their energy from organic molecules (TRUE, even Lithotrophs and phototrophs store energy in bonds within organic molecules and so they, too also derive their energy from those molecules. GTA’s accepted either a TRUE or FALSE ofr this answer) All cells use proteins as catalysts TRUE All cells are enclosed by a plasma membrane TRUE 2) Genes that duplicated as a result of speciation are called _______orthologs___________ of each other. [N>B. The GTA’s felt that the term “duplicated” (rather than “diverged” might have confused some students and so may have accepted some other answers for full or partial credit (2pts) 3) Name TWO characteristics that allow an organism to be used as a “model organism”. (4pts)
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exam12012-key - Payne, BSCI330 Exam #1 2/17/12 Print Your...

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