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1 Payne, BSCI 330 Exam #3 2011 4/18/10 Print Your Name: Your Laboratory Section: DAY TIME Directions : 1. Print Your Name and Section on every page of this exam NOW . 2. Use a PEN to complete this exam. If not, you may not be eligible for a regrade. 3. Check to see that you have 6 sides on 3 pages . If you don t, raise your hand. 4. You must confine your answers to the spaces provided. 5. Read the questions! - Be as specific and as concise as you can. Use the minimal number of words necessary to completely answer the question. Use diagrams and graphs if needed, but remember to label them! 6. You must hand in your exam by 9:50 AM. Good Luck. Scoring : Possible Pts. PAGE 2 / 22 PAGE 3 / 20 PAGE 4 / 26 PAGE 5 / 18 PAGE 6 / 14 TOTAL = / 100 I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination Signed
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2 1) Describe how the vesicular proteins Rab and v-SNARE function in the targeting and fusion of vesicles to membranes. In your description (words or labeled diagrams) make sure that you name the proteins on the membrane that bind to Rab and v-SNARE, and show which one promotes fusion and which one accounts for the specificity of docking to a target membrane. You do NOT have to describe the fusion process in any detail. (8pts)? Specificity of docking – rab and tethering protein; fusion – v-SNARE and t-SNARE 2) What is the simplest explanation of why a mutation in a SNARE protein might interfere with the function of an animal’s nervous system (2pts)? Prevents vesicle fusion and release of neurotransmitter at the nerve terminal 3) Why does a cell with a high rate of protein secretion to the extracellular space also require a high rate of endocytosis (4pts)? To recover membrane and docking and fusion mechanism components
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Exam32011-final-key - Payne BSCI 330 Exam#3 2011 Print Your...

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