Journal Article Assignment 1 Spring 2012

Journal Article Assignment 1 Spring 2012 - BSCI 330...

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BSCI 330 Laboratory Spring 2012 1 | P a g e Journal Article Assignment 1 (15 pts) Due: Week of 2/6/12 - at the beginning of LAB Purpose: Reading scientific literature, writing clearly about science, and being able to communicate about scientific data and ideas are essential skills for any student planning to pursue a career in science and/or medicine. This assignment will allow you to practice reading and analyzing a primary scientific article and will provide a model for how you should write/format your own laboratory report this semester. Introduction: Science is not just about forming hypotheses and doing experiments. Researchers need to keep abreast of what other people in their field have already accomplished in order to get a sense of in which direction their research should go next and so as not to needlessly repeat someone else’s experiments. They do this by reading the current literature in the form of primary journal articles (data from a limited number of experiments) and/or review articles (all of the research to date summarized, no specific data shown). After a researcher has accumulated a certain amount of data, he or she must draw conclusions about what the data seems to indicate. They must then share their data with other scientists. This sharing may come in the form of a poster or oral presentation at a scientific meeting. Ideally, all data will eventually be published as an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Instructions: Thoroughly read the provided scientific research paper entitled, “Nicotine enhances migration and invasion of human esophageal squamous carcinoma cells which is inhibited by nimesulide” . Then write a summary of this article that does the following: A. briefly describes the purpose of each section of any given scientific research paper (any paper, not just this one) and explains what information should be included in each section. This section should be no more than 1.5 pages! Title Abstract Introduction Materials and Methods Results Discussion Figure legends B. briefly explains what this paper was about by discussing the following points (this section should be no more than two pages!): the question/problem were the researchers dealing with the authors’ hypothesis(es)
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Journal Article Assignment 1 Spring 2012 - BSCI 330...

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