CN2010 Exam 2 - Cellular Neurobiology Biology 5571 Exam II...

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Cellular Neurobiology Biology 5571 Exam II – Synaptic Physiology and Sensory Neurobiology November 9, 2010 Due Date - This exam is due at 10:30 in class, Thursday November 11. - You may also drop it off at my office before that (469 McDonnell Sciences- 4 th fl MSB). Sources - The exam is open book//open source, but you may not discuss it with anyone. - Please refer questions to me, or to any of the four lecturers Pages - Put your name at top of this page and put your NUMBER (top right) at the top of each page you submit. - Start each question on a new page - You can write on the pages provided or use your own blank sheets. - Don’t exceed page limits; limits assume use of double line spacing. - Show all your work – partial credit may be given. - Illegible answers will receive no credit. Point Distribution - The exam totals 100 points (Synapses 60 pts; Sensory 40 pts) Questions 1-2 10 pts ea. Questions 3 20 pts Questions 4-5 10 pts ea. Questions 6-7 8 pts ea Question 8 4 pts. Questions 9-10 8 pts ea Question 11 4 pts Question #1 (10 pts) (SM). (1/2 page) Synaptic physiologists have studied synapses that employ postsynaptic ligand-gated channels for many decades because the readout is (mostly) linear with respect to the amount of transmitter release. Discuss technical limitations and biological realities that limit the linearity between the amount of transmitter release and the size of the postsynaptic signal at glutamate synapses that employ AMPA receptors for transmission. Discuss both EPSP measurements and EPSC measurements. Consider baseline transmission only (not plasticity). When possible, suggest a way of overcoming the limitations with experimental manipulations or by choice of experimental preparation.
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Question #2 (10 pts) (SM). (1/2 page) A small molecular buffer A for calcium has a binding rate constant for Ca
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CN2010 Exam 2 - Cellular Neurobiology Biology 5571 Exam II...

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