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CN2011 Exam 1 Review Questions

CN2011 Exam 1 Review Questions - the relative gna and gk at...

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Exam 1 Review Questions What are some cytoskeletal differences between axons and dendrites and how do these differences lead differential transport properties? (Look at Nonet's general reference on the course website). What is resting membrane potential; how generated and maintained? You are given Vrest and equilibrium potential for Na and K (the only conductances). What are
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Unformatted text preview: the relative gna and gk at rest? What are some Na+ channel distribution effects on AP generation in axon? Review Kv4.2 role in regulating excitability and backpropagation of AP (soma to distal dendrite channel distribution). What would happen if you remove Kv4.2 from synapse? What are the relevant channels involved in regenerating spikes during and in between burst?...
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