CN2011 Synapses Homework #1 Key

CN2011 Synapses Homework #1 Key - Synapses Homework #1 key...

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Synapses Homework #1 key 1. See pp. 8-12 in the reading assigned for Aaron’s lecture (Südhof 2008). 2. The calcium current size is dictated by the product of driving force and conductance. Although the conductance (# of open channels) may be maximum at the peak of the action potential, the driving force (difference between Vm and ECa) on current through these open channels increases rapidly during repolarization. Because the channels do not close instantaneously with repolarization, this strong driving force causes a large surge of Ca influx during the action potential downstroke. This surge will generate the locally high concentration of calcium needed to drive vesicle release at the active zone. 3. The y-axis shows biological effect (a functional outcome). A Kd cannot be directly derived from a functional outcome. Rather, an EC50 would be measured from an experiment like this. EC50 or potency is not strictly related to receptor affinity, partly because efficacy is also strongly tied to EC50 measurements. Advantages (3 for full credit): Inherently monosynaptic, exaggerated, mPSCs and evoked PSCs can be studied from the same population of terminals, single recording pipette can be used to stimulate presynaptically and record postsynaptically, physical restrictions facilitate drug delivery/solution exchange rapidly to the entire cell. Disadvantages (3 for full credit) mostly would relate to how closely transmission
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CN2011 Synapses Homework #1 Key - Synapses Homework #1 key...

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