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Q1: Examiner points to: a) Name the function of these neuronal structures b) Name the function of this structure c) What functional type of neurons synapse here d) What is the percentage of excitatory and inhibitory in the brain e) Name this type of neuron f) Name this type of neuron g) Where in the body do you find synapses like this Q2: What constitutes a cortical column? (more than single correct answer) a) A module of cortex that contains a topographic map b) A module of cortex that exclusively receives input from the thalamus c) A module of cortex in which all neurons have the same receptive field location d) A module in which the developmentally youngest neurons reside in layer 6 e) A module that receives input from the left or the right eye f) A module that receives modulatory intracortical input from neighboring columns Q3: Two eyes provide for depth perception, a property that is generated in the brain from two-dimensional images formed on the left and the right retina? (more than single correct
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