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Chapter 15 - Review Questions

Chapter 15 - Review Questions - 1 Marks 5 Explain four...

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1 Marks: 5 Explain four types of integrity controls for input forms. Which have you seen most  frequently? Why are they important? 1.) Field Combination Controls - Verifies that the data in one field is based on the data in another field or fields. 2.) Value Limit Controls - Identifies when a value in a field is too large or too small. 3.) Completeness Controls - Ensures that all necessary fields on an input form have been entered. 4.) Data Validation Controls - Validates the input data for correctness. 2 Marks: 5 What protection does transaction logging provide? Should it be included in every system? Transaction logging provides a technique where all updates to a database are recorded with the information of who, when and how the update was performed. Yes, I believe this should be included in all database systems and other systems where critical business information can be added, modified or deleted by multiple users. 3 Marks: 5 Describe the kinds of integrity controls you would recommend to place on all output reports.  Why?
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