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ARE 138 Winter 2011 International Commodity and Resource Markets Instructor : Marilyn Whitney Rm. 2140 Soc. Sci. Phone (530)752-2451 [email protected] Office Hours : Tuesdays 11-12:00; Thursdays 10-11:00, beginning Jan. 11th Course Content and Objectives : In this course we will look at the economic forces and issues affecting international trade in primary commodities. We will focus on the agricultural, fishery, forest and mineral products sectors. Required Readings : There is no required textbook. We will assign web and newspaper articles on current trade issues as the course progresses. Outline: Jan. 4th through Feb. 3rd Overview of trade in primary commodities
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Unformatted text preview: Basic models of international trade Effects of government policies on trade Political economy of agricultural and resource trade MIDTERM Tuesday, Feb. 8th Feb. 10th through Mar. 10th Trade agreements and trading blocs Environment and trade Labor and trade Current trade issues in agricultural, fishery, forest and mineral products sectors FINAL EXAM Satur day, Mar. 19 th , 3:30-5:30 pm 4 homework assignments @ 25 points* 100 midterm @ 400 points 400 final @ 500 points 500 (100 pts. review,400 pts new material) Total possible: 1000 *each homework will have 50 points shown. We will choose 25 pts. to grade....
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